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What’s Love Got To Do With Employee Retention? Plenty!

Roberta Matuson

There seems to be a lack of love going around these days when it comes to bosses. You know there is no love lost when employees come right out and say they wish their bosses would find new jobs elsewhere! Yes, this actually occurs. In fact, a recent TinyHR New Year Employee Report asked 1,000 working Americans to share their workplace wishes for the New Year. Participants were asked what one thing they wish they could change about their manager: The No. 2 response was to have the manager quit.

Most of us know someone who is not in love with his or her boss. In fact, they are not even in like! (Could that someone be you?) They remain in the relationship until such time as they can find an exit. Yet, employers continue to turn a blind eye when it comes to the subject of employee turnover related to bad bosses.

Feelings Aren’t So Secret

Websites and apps make it easy for users to post anonymous messages about how much they love or loathe their employers. One click and the world will know exactly what your people think of the company, as well as their managers. Should you be concerned? The answer is no — if you have a team of magnetic leaders that others enjoy working for. Don’t know how well you are doing? Check out what your people are saying about you on Glassdoor.

The Price of Love

The cost of employee turnover is considered part of doing business. Some turnover is needed, but what if your terrible bosses were costing your company a bundle? Determine the impact that unwanted employee turnover is having on your bottom line with my free employee turnover calculator. (The last person that did so wrote to me and said, “The results are shocking!” Don’t worry: I won’t see the numbers you fill in, unless you choose to send me the completed results for a quick, complimentary consultation.)

Now don’t get me wrong: Not everyone is going to be in love with his or her boss. But, if few in your organization even like the boss, then you’ve got a problem that needs to be addressed right away.

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