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Saba is the premier provider of people systems that enable today's people-driven enterprises, delivering cloud-based talent management, learning management and social enterprise solutions to transform the way people work. The Talent Management resources below reflect this synergy.



Make 2016 the Year of Learning Impact: Learn From the Leaders

Learning teams have high aspirations for their organization — 94 percent seek improvements in productivity, engagement and business agility, yet less than one-third achieve the results they desire. How can we do better? To answer this question, Laura Overton, founder of Towards Maturity, has been working with learning teams from companies of all sizes for over a decade. Published in November, Towards Maturity’s 2015-16 industry benchmark report — “Embracing Change” — analyzes 1.5 million data points from more than 600 organizations from around the world to identify what’s working and what isn’t. The findings not only show that the top performing 10 percent of learning organizations are three to eight times more likely to succeed in delivering business results but also highlights why. Join Laura for this webinar and learn how the top performers are: Winning hearts and minds of business leaders Supporting the self-directed learner Equipping the L&D team for success

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Bersin By Deloitte: Managing Performance in the 21st Century

There is a revolution [or a tsunami] in performance management: a major shift in the way today's organizations are viewing their performance management activities. From a once-a-year event, often seen as purposeless, leading-edge companies are now viewing performance management as an ongoing series of activities, with a greater emphasis on coaching and supporting employees. Our research confirms that high-impact performance management is about much more than an end of year assessment and evaluation – it is about supporting performance on an ongoing basis.[1] This change in performance management practices affects the technology solutions that underpin those activities. Rather than “one and done” forms and their submittal processes, today's technologies are supporting ongoing conversations and continuous coaching, anytime feedback from peers and management, and the standard articulation of goals and objectives. This web seminar will discuss features in technology solutions that support the performance management revolution and provide examples of companies that have abandoned the once-a-year model within the context of the rapidly evolving – some would say even revolutionizing – performance management practices of today.

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Most talent management solutions aren't all that different from each other. But this one is: it’s built around a machine-learning brain—technology that quickly digests incoming workforce data, evaluates it, and learns from it. Correlating diverse inputs to deliver ideas and options you didn't know you had. See the tangible difference this makes. Download our LookBook to learn how Saba Intelligent Talent Management:  Delivers relevant, personalized recommendations Provides answers to critical HR questions—before you even ask Individually mentors every employee Advises you of problems before they materialize Download the LookBook and share the story today.

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Winning Your Workforce: The Essential Guide to Improving Retention and Employee Engagement

Nearly everyone – employees, managers and HR alike – hates the performance review process. But now there’s a better way, and this eBook outlines:  Where it went wrong: five ways traditional performance management is hurting your business – and people How to move forward: four steps toward building a better performance management paradigm Mini case study: how one company changed their review process and saw big results Practical tips: keys for improving employee-manager discussions Plus, additional resources to get you started Download the eBook now and discover how you can take steps toward a more intelligent approach to talent and performance management – and share this new solution with your network.

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Rethinking Retention: Four Ways to Improve Employee Motivation

Our economy is strengthening which means the competition for qualified employees is heating up. Of course, making sure your current workforce is engaged and motivated can go a long way to improving productivity and retention. HR Expert Jessica Miller-Merrell shares four ideas on how to improve employee motivation.

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At Mansfield Oil, employee development is top priority. Saba Cloud talent management fuels its employee engagement and retention with a new talent management strategy. 

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Finding the Fuel to Energize Your Performance Management Strategy

Mansfield Oil Company — one of Fortune Magazine's Top 50 Largest Private Companies with $8 billion annual revenue — has experienced exponential growth with employees scattered across 26 states and Canada. This explosive growth has put a strain on internal resources and infrastructure to attract, develop and retain talent. Faced with these challenges, the Mansfield HR team realized that they needed an integrated talent management strategy to help fulfill the growing company's changing HR needs. Watch Alanna Mahone, VP of Human Resources, and Nichole Zimmerman, Employee Development Specialist, discuss how Mansfield is transforming their talent management strategy and share lessons learned from leveraging technology for different ways of engaging employees. Join this engaging webinar and learn how to: Design a strategy of “Attract, Develop and Retain” by creating well-defined learning plans and career paths for employees, Leverage integrated talent management solutions that will support your needs for transforming performance management, individual development and succession planning Improve efficiency and foster effective performance management processes to drive employee engagement. Capture and share vast amounts of knowledge from within the company, via one platform Attend this session to learn how you can implement changes before your next review cycle!

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