Optimize business performance with Saba Extended Enterprise for

Dealers, Distributors and Franchisees

Distributed organizations often grapple with how to quickly and cost-effectively train their extensive network of franchisees, owner/operators, dealers and distributors to ensure compliance with corporate standards and provide customers with a consistent brand experience.

Saba Extended Enterprise enables the industry's premier organizations across retail, hospitality and manufacturing to develop, engage and retain a highly distributed and rapidly changing extended workforce while, at the same time, delivering an extraordinary customer experience and improving profit margins.

Saba Extended Enterprise helps you more effectively train and develop a distributed workforce so that you can:

Improve Profit Margin

by ensuring staff at all locations have the training they need to boost sales and drive profitability.

Drive Customer Loyalty

by providing a positive, consistent brand experience for customers at all of your company's locations.

Decrease Turnover

with training that engages all associates in a consistent and effective manner, making them feel more connected to your company's mission and values.

Reduce Training Costs

by minimizing - or altogether eliminating - in-person training to your highly distributed workforce.

To learn more

about how Saba Extended Enterprise can help you ensure your dealers, distributors, franchisees and owner/operators are equipped with the training they need to drive profitability, check out the data sheet or schedule a live demo.

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