Saba Cloud Spring Release To Power Leadership Development with Prescriptive Analytics

Talent Management Solution Augments Recruiting and Succession and Will Add Intelligent Benchmarking to Help Companies Avert the Leadership Ledge

Las Vegas –April 1, 2015 – Saba, a leading global provider of cloud-based Intelligent Talent Management solutions, today announced its Saba Cloud Spring Release at its annual Saba @Work Summit user conference, which attracts 700 global leaders in talent and learning management. This quarterly product update is designed to include significant advancements powered by prescriptive analytics to provide businesses with better tools to find, develop and enable leaders at all levels.

A Global Workforce Leadership Survey sponsored by Saba and announced yesterday, found that 46 percent of HR leaders, worldwide, say that leadership is the skill hardest to find in employees, and nearly one third (30 percent) polled said that they were struggling to find candidates for senior level positions in their organizations.   Indeed, the confluence of Baby Boomer retirement, an increasingly transient workforce and new generations of employees less inclined toward top executive roles is leading toward a looming leadership gap for businesses of all sizes.

According to Bersin by Deloitte, 86 percent of businesses agree that managing Leadership at all Levels is a leading issue in Talent Management.

Saba’s latest release is intended to address the “leadership ledge” with tools that will harness personalized insights to help companies better understand the individual needs and potential of their people at all levels. Saba Cloud Spring Release currently includes capabilities to:

  • Attract and identify candidates with leadership potential
    Recruiting@Work: Identify internal and external candidates with leadership potential, with intelligent, visual comparisons.Now in addition to getting intelligent recommendations on candidates ranked based on a % fit, users can take those recommendations to visually compare them side-by-side for a fast, apples-to-apples comparison across the most important parameters, including peer recognition that indicates clear leadership traits and potential in internal talent.
  • Grow leaders internally
    Succession@Work: Build and visualize your talent pool with self-identified, peer identified and system-recommended leaders

            o   As employees plan their career trajectory through Saba’s recently-released Career          
             Path capability, they will be automatically surfaced in talent pools for relevant  jobs
            as "interested", helping to identify them as successors for relevant positions. 
            o   Succession@Work also has enhanced visualization to help HR administrators and      
             managers compare candidates in their talent pools. Whether candidates are formally
             nominated, recommended through Saba’s predictive analytics, or surfaced via peer
             recommendation, users can drag and drop them into the right place on a Nine-Box grid for
             fast comparison.

Building on the Saba Cloud Spring Release, Saba is announcing Saba Benchmark to further empower leaders with insights and actions:

           Saba Benchmark: Compare to peers, act on recommendations and improve your talent       
           processes to empower and retain leaders
o   The upcoming Saba Benchmark capability is designed to leverage Saba Cloud’s
           prescriptive analytics for a real-time, side-by-side view into the key performance metrics
          across your organizations –and your industry’s--talent processes for immediately spotting
          opportunities or issues. Compare metrics such as training allocation, attrition, and
          engagement, within a simple, visual graphical interface
          o   As part of the powerful Saba Cloud Platform, Saba Benchmark will also provide intelligent
            and concrete recommendations that can be taken right from the dashboards for immediate

“Increasingly, our customers are recognizing that today’s leadership and succession programs will not be successful if they arelimited to those in management roles,” said Shawn Farshchi, CEO at Saba. “With the flattening of organizational structures, it’s now critical for companies to create leaders out of individual contributors who must lead by influence rather than top down authority.”

All features of the Saba Cloud Spring Release are available now. Saba Benchmark is expected to be available as part of the Saba Cloud Summer Release.

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