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Assessment Software

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With today’s fast pace and learning content from many sources, reliable assessments have become even more critical to your organization’s success. Saba assessment software will help you accurately measure learner progress and program effectiveness.


  • Comprehensive and flexible e-tests and e-surveys
  • Grants and remediation
  • Support for paper-based assessments
  • Proctoring support
  • Mobile access
  • Extensive reporting
  • Full versioning, tracking and auditing capabilities
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Assessment Software

Measuring learner achievement and understanding the effectiveness of your learning investments is critical to improving business results. Saba delivers those insights with comprehensive assessment capabilities. Saba Cloud Assessments are built on the technology from two leading testing and assessment companies: Comartis and Pedagogue, which were acquired in 2011. Saba Assessment supports multiple question types, giving instructional designers the tools they need to create effective tests and quizzes. Using the grant and remediation features, you can accelerate training programs for learners who show proficiency by letting them pass out of courses and even granting credit. Conversely, if the learner does not pass, remedial assignments can be automated so they can get a quick start on improving their skills.


Saba Assessment has been used extensively to help maintain compliance with regulations such as FDA 21 CFR Part 11. You can also evaluate learning on multiple levels, such as Kirkpatrick Levels 1 through 4, with detailed, flexible reporting. Included with the assessment software is a comprehensive survey tool, and these surveys can be automated to be sent to the learner and/or their manager after a designated time period so you can learn what effect the training had on productivity.


Assessment Software features:

  • Comprehensive testing, survey and reporting capabilities — Take the temperature of your training effectiveness with multiple methods of evaluation including support for Kirkpatrick levels 1 through 4, pulse surveys and 360-degree feedback.
  • Grants and remediation — Accelerate training programs for learners who demonstrate proficiency by letting them pass out of classwork that is not necessary. Conversely, assign remedial training for those who do not show they have retained the necessary skills or knowledge. Tied directly to a test or a section of a test, grants and remediation can be automated and woven throughout learning programs.
  • Paper-based assessments with fully automated processing — Make testing and evaluation methods simple so that they fit into your organizational needs.
  • Proctoring support — Each exam can be assigned a proctor who needs to prove they are present during the exam. Remote proctoring is also an option, where the test taker’s actions on the PC are recorded along with a video of the learner during the test. Recordings can then be reviewed by the instructor.
  • Mobile delivery for iPads, iPhones and Android phones and tablets — Increase timely completions of exams and evaluations with broad mobile access.

Full versioning, tracking and auditing capabilities (21 CFR Part 11 compliant) — Maintain accountability and iterate according to performance analytics.