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Why Saba Cloud?

Discover three ways Saba Cloud stands out in talent management solutions

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Why now?

The way we work is changing. The No. 1 job skill needed for the future is adaptability. Change is the new constant, and the pace of change is only accelerating in today’s business world.

The days of top-down management and company control are long gone. Today’s multi-generational workforce eagerly contributes from the bottom up. And they’re not waiting for your permission.

As change happens, your talent pushes ahead and knocks down barriers with the latest life and work hacks. Meanwhile, your company spins its wheels getting tired processes, systems and people to connect.

If you don’t influence the change, who will?

At Saba, we’ve made it our mission to enable you, your team and your organization to find the leader inside. Personalized. Dynamic. Engaging. That’s a solution we call Intelligent Talent Management, and it’s powered by our Saba Cloud platform. And you.

Why Saba?

A History of talent leadership

Leadership can’t come only from the top. Leadership, initiative and expertise must come from every employee. Because Saba has been a leader in learning and talent management technology for 17 years, we know that leadership is where engagement starts, and we’ve designed our solutions to help every employee find the leader inside. We’ve done it everywhere, globally supporting more than 31 million users from 2,200 customers across 195 countries and in 37 languages.

Intelligent recommendations

We’ve designed our solutions with predictive capabilities—similar to popular consumer sites such as Amazon and Netflix—to cut through the noise and prioritize the most important, relevant information you and your people need to thrive.

Continuous, agile talent development

The skills that your workforce needs will change. Your business and your talent processes are going to change. We’ve built continuous learning, easy collaboration and informal knowledge sharing into our Intelligent Talent Management solution so your people can adapt as your enterprise evolves. Rest assured that Saba’s solution will change along with you. With four releases every year and automatic upgrades, your solution will keep up with the pace of change.

A focus on customer success

Just like in your organization, our people make the difference. We take on your challenges as our own. Saba’s customer success team helps you and your people master new skills, perform at the highest level and reach your full potential. We have the experience, agility and drive to get you results.