On-Demand Webinar - How Cisco Embraced Next-Gen LMS for Global Sales Enablement

Speaker Todd Stone of Cisco University talks about LMS

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The capabilities of a Learning Management System (LMS) allow it to serve as a key platform enabling innovation in mobility, multi-lingual content and training program consolidation. As broader initiatives, such as sales enablement, drive major efforts in a company, the LMS has an important role to play. First, as a platform, it is an integration point for critical services that enable mobile-ready content and streaming video. Second, it provides a foundation for tracking learning and assessing training impact on bookings. Finally, a strong content lifecycle management business model can allow for a steady stream of up-to-date content provided in the formats users need, when they need it.

This session will enable you to:

  •          Leverage the LMS as a primary enablement platform for large-scale company initiatives such as sales enablement
  •          Build a strong foundation of content management practices that support consistently up-to-date content for your learners
  •          Drive innovation in mobility, streaming video and multi-lingual content using the LMS as an integration point for various solutions