On-Demand Webinar - The Role of HR Analytics & Workforce Planning in M&A

Webinar with the Human Capital Institute

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2013 saw a spike in major mergers and acquisitions over the previous five years, from Berkshire Hathaway and H.J. Heinz to American Airlines and US Airways to one of the largest ever worth 130 billion with Verizon and Vodafone. But once the deal is signed and the excitement from the market winds down, the real work begins for HR in how to align the two workforces. With a strategic outlook for the firm’s future, HR can increase agility by reducing the time, cost, and risk of reorganization. Analyzing and examining the workforce information can provide critical insights, streamline the management of transitions both small and large, and mitigate personnel, financial and legal risk. Join this webcast to learn the four key steps for effective organizational planning. Gather data Analyze data and interpret results Present results Align the workforce