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Join Brandon Hall and Talent Management Magazine to discover the new approach to today's performance management.

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It's been a business practice for 50 years or more. It's likely here forever – in some form. And, every organization's business performance relies on it. Yet, only a meager few have figured out how to garner real value from the performance management process, generating business results that cause others to pay attention:

  • 75% or more of all Key Performance Indicators were achieved in seven out of 10 organizations
  • Revenue increased by 1% to 20% or more in nearly 58% of organizations
  • Engagement increased by up to 20% or more in nearly 45% of organizations
  • Voluntary turnover decreased by 1% or higher in more than a quarter of organizations

How did they do it? In this session, Brandon Hall Group's Laci Loew, VP and Principal Analyst Talent Management Practice will:

  • Explore today's performance management drivers, challenges and philosophies
  • Share a proprietary framework for transforming to a new approach
  • Present the business value of adopting the new approach
  • Describe success levers of the new approach

Please join this interactive webinar to learn the secrets of top-performing organizations that have transformed the review process.