On-Demand Webinar - Allen Interactions: Steering Into Success with Toyota Financial Services

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Across the United States, Toyota Financial Services (TFS) call centers have undergone a major transformation by installing a modern Salesforce.com CRM and renewing their focus on critical soft-skills. This change was implemented to increase customer satisfaction while reducing account delinquencies, compliance violations, and agent frustration.

To ensure success, Allen Interactions and TFS partnered to create a fully blended learning solution that includes instructor-led training enhanced with e-learning simulations that challenge students to master software procedures, critical thinking, and the soft skills necessary to successfully partner with clients during potentially stressful, and often unsuccessful collection calls. The results are impressive: TFS was able to reduce training time while improving operational effectiveness and compliance.

In this webinar, Clay Cosse, Education Development Manager for TFS, and Steve Lee, co-founder, Allen Interactions, will demonstrate the e-learning simulations they created and discuss how they respect, challenge, and support the needs of each individual learner. Representatives from Toyota's LMS, SABA and SalesForce, the CRM used by Toyota's call center agents, will be on hand.

If you are a learning professional―an instructional designer, project manager, developer, media artist, or simply have interest in e-learning that is interactive, personalized, and effective, join us for this webinar, where Clay and Steve will explore:

  • highly effective learner-centric interactions using the CCAF Instructional Design Model
  • a fully blended learning solution that includes simulated practice of software combined with high impact conversations based on multiple customer personas
  • a facilitated e-learning model with mentoring
  • how the training has been tied directly to their Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • the impact of using an agile development process (Allen Interactions’ SAM process)
  • the tools, technologies, and assessment model that were used to create a truly collaborative development and continuous improvement workflow