Case Study - City of Houston


Usually, corporations are the trend setters for new business initiatives and technology solutions, and governments are followers. But in this case, a municipal government – the City of Houston – is leading the way with one of the most advanced, integrated, best communicated talent management initiatives in the industry – called HEAR – utilizing Saba’s performance, learning and collaboration applications. Learn how their holistic approach to talent management drove improved performance, engagement and revenue.

Business Challenge

The challenges City of Houston faced was a complex array of talent-related processes across 22 diverse city departments, combined with inconsistent, often ineffective, communication between managers and their team members. In addition, City of Houston was experiencing an accelerating wave of retirements in the middle management ranks, with as much as 30% of the staff in certain departments reaching retirement age next year.

Business Benefits

  • More engaged, unified City employees who understand where they fit in to the mission of the city
  • Improved employee performance across the city organization
  • Increased revenue (taxes and fees) and decreased people costs (reduced turnover) - netting a 280% ROI