Case Study - China Power


China Power Investment Corporation is one of the five largest state-owned energy producers in the People’s Republic of China. Learn how they use Saba to place learners at the center of the learning and development process, in order to improve its overall strategic positioning and upgrade its business across the board.

Business Challenge

China Power’s 126,000 employees work in offices and at widely dispersed job sites stretching across the country. Adding to the challenge of integrating and training its workforce is the fact that individuals at China Power are employed by a group of seven exchange-listed companies and nearly 230 subsidiaries — each with its own approach to employee development in the past. There was no way to share existing education resources from the various subsidiaries and parent-owned companies with one another and it was difficult to consistently manage and track learning across the company.

Business Benefits

  • Provides industry-leading, integrated learning, collaboration, performance, and other human resources tools
  • Allows individuals to follow a self-study plan for personal development or master the vital information needed to meet strategic objectives or fulfill compliance requirements
  • Significantly expands the availability of online, long-distance learning to complement face-to-face classroom offerings
  • Enhances the effectiveness and consistency of training by standardizing the operational management information and supporting better measurability and assessment
  • Enables training resources to be easily shared among China Power’s related companies and hundreds of subsidiaries