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Saba Case Study: Apex-Brasil Builds Export Expertise

December 27, 2016, Michelle Close - Brazil’s economy has sputtered recently, with the country suffering its worst recession since the 1930s. Apex-Brasil, with an assist from Saba, is working to jumpstart the economy and get the nation back on track.
Saba Case Study: Apex-Brasil Builds Export Expertise

We're pleased to publish this new case study featuring Apex-Brasil, a Brazilian government agency charged with attracting foreign investment and promoting Brazilian products and services abroad. The agency recently implemented Saba’s cloud-based talent management system to drive continuous, collaborative learning and boost engagement among Brazilian businesses.

Apex-Brasil has important work to do as it strives to stimulate the Brazilian economy. The agency organizes trade missions and business meetings to create connections between Brazilian companies and foreign investors and buyers.  

Apex-Brasil sought out a talent management system for their work which includes a series of online courses, webinars, training videos and seminars on foreign opportunities, regulations and best practices. 

“With the Saba platform, Brazilian companies are learning faster, improving their practices and expanding business with the rest of the world,” said Juarez Leal, Internalization Manager at Apex-Brasil. “The knowledge they are acquiring is leading to greater innovation and increased international revenue for Brazilian businesses.”

By using Saba Cloud, Brazilian businesses enjoy these benefits: 

  • Brazilian companies are learning faster
  • Improved knowledge management and collaborative learning
  • Social sharing of business ideas and strategies
  • Enhanced video conferencing with Saba Meeting
  • Reduced travel costs and overall costs cut by 80 percent
  • Reduced time to market 
  • Increased participation
  • Expanded engagement with Brazilian export companies

Download the Case Study in English

Download the Case Study in Portuguese 

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