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Top 10 Saba Blog Posts for 2016

December 20, 2016, Andrew Allen - Stop here for a handy list of our most popular talent management and learning strategies blog posts for the past year.
Top 10 Saba Blog Posts for 2016

2016 brought lots of growth for Saba, and we expect 2017 to bring much of the same. As we take a collective breath over the holiday break, we would like to share our most popular content from the past year with you, our faithful reader. Enjoy! 

1. How to Get Your Employees to Fall in Love with You over and over Again

Our most popular blog of 2016 is by guest blogger Roberta Matuson, an authority on leadership. In this post, she advises leaders how to keep your employees engaged, after the excitement of starting a new job wears off.

2. Predictive Analytics Personalizes and Simplifies Talent Management

In this post, one of Saba’s tech experts, Babak Salimi, discusses how machine learning and predictive analytics can be used by HR professionals to drive results. 

3. Four Ways to Improve Your Learning Strategy

In this blog, industry analyst Charles DeNault shares four powerful ideas to improve any organization’s learning strategy.

4. Evidence-Based Learning Strategy

Another blog post by DeNault proved popular as well in 2016. In this one, Denault also discussed improving a company’s learning strategy, but focused more on how to use evidence to drive the appropriate change within your organization.

5. Q&A: Inside HR – Igniting Passion and Driving Talent Development

In this blog post, we interviewed Maitreyee Mitra-Syal, winner of CHRO Asia’s 2016 Women Super Achiever Award. She shared why it’s important for HR leaders to embrace technology to create and inspire a culture of learning. She also discussed what’s hot in talent strategies and shared advice for HR leaders that are looking to continuously advance and drive their talent development.

6. Making the Business Case for Talent Management

This was definitely our most popular blog series, a four-part blog advising HR professionals how to make the business case for talent management initiatives within their own organizations. The four separate posts are:

a. Think Like a CEO: Tips for Getting Your Talent Initiatives Approved

b. What Keeps the C-Suite Up at Night: Focusing on the Priorities That Matter

c. 3 Ways HR Can Win the Keys to the C-Suite

d. The Talent Management Stats You Need to Know 

7. Retaining and Developing High Performers with Connected Learning

In this article, product manager Caitlin Bigsby discusses how companies can increase employee engagement and retention by prioritizing employee development.

8. The Shocking Truth About Millennials

Another guest blog by Roberta Matuson proved very popular this year. In this post, she tackles the myth that millennials are drastically different in the workplace than other generations. She argues that these generations have more similarities than differences and explores this overlap.

9. User Experience Is Critical for Effective Talent Management

This post by Babak Salimi is a follow-up to a successful webinar by Brandon Hall Group titled “Guide to Selecting the Right LMS.” Babak digs deeper into one of the key points made by Brandon Hall Group: the importance of providing a great user experience in a talent management platform. Babak details what this means and how to achieve it.

10. Five Ways Mobile Learning Can Move Your Business

The tenth most popular blog post of 2016 discusses how businesses can achieve huge benefits through a deliberate adoption of mobile learning.

There was so much published over the past year, it was hard choosing just 10 posts for this list. As we look forward to 2017, our goal is to continue writing great content for Saba's blog readers. Stay tuned for more! 

Happy Holidays!


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