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Faster Churn: Optimize or Eulogize?

August 28, 2014, Didi D'Errico - Today, a interview with Saba’s chief Evangelist, Amar Dhaliwal, zeroed in on one of the biggest sources of HR angina: the incredible shrinking half-life of employee tenure.

The facts are frightening vis a vis their impact on status quo: 70% of millennials leave their first job within two years and the majority are expected to have 15-20 jobs over the course of their career. And Gen Y isn’t alone in its career wanderlust. So what is HR to do?

In the article, Amar advocates that the focus needs to shift from keeping talent longer to fueling talent faster for more meaningful and impactful engagement, regardless of the tenure. Following are four questions today’s managers should be asking themselves: If you are fortunate enough to have someone really smart and talented for two years:

-How do we get them internally connected faster?

-How do we advance their skillset better?

-How do we keep them engaged for the period of time that we have?

-How do we let them leave the organization in a good way?   

The choice is yours, in a business environment rife with hand-wringing over revolving doors, what will you do about shorter tenure: optimize what you have or eulogize the shadows of the employee-for-life world that has long gone by?

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