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Saba Lauded for Irresistible Social Learning Experience–Learning

July 23, 2014, Adrienne Whitten - We readily admit it, at Saba we are technophiles.
Saba Lauded for Irresistible Social Learning Experience–Learning

We love to wrap our brains around the raw potential of what emerging cloud-based technologies can do to help us improve the dynamics of talent engagement.  And while we can talk wonk with the best of them, our solution design principles start and end with ensuring that user’s experience with our solutions is irresistible.

So, there is nothing that pleases us more than when our customers and the market’s pundits have the kind of immersive, unforgettable experience we aspire to deliver.  This week, HR and Learning Management Technology review firm, Software Advice, gave Saba a shout out for our user interface, and we wanted to share the love.

In a new review of favorite LMS user interfaces, HR researcher, Erin Osterhaus, had this to say about her experience with Saba:

“We chose Saba’s Learning@Work LMS because of the Social Learning aspects. Learning with and through others is a crucial component of any effective Learning experience, and shouldn’t be limited to formal, in-person, instructor led courses. Saba facilitates a Social Learning experience online so that employees can continue to learn on their own time, but with the help and support of coworkers."  

Thanks for giving Saba a spin, Software Advice.

If your organization is looking for a great Social Learning experience,  check out a demo for yourself.

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