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HumanConcepts is Now Saba Planning@Work – Useful Enhancements in New Release

June 9, 2014, Babak Salimi - HumanConcepts is Now Saba Planning@Work
HumanConcepts is Now Saba Planning@Work – Useful Enhancements in New Release

May 2014 is a new milestone for HumanConcepts which was rebranded Saba Planning@Work as part of our new release. This includes enterprise workforce planning, transition manager and organizational design solutions. Also, it’s great to see increasing number of organizations globally embracing proactive organizational design and talent planning which result in higher employee engagement, profitability and strategy alignment.

With human capital accounting for nearly 70% of an organization’s cost, optimizing the investment demands constant vigilance. Organizational planning or creating/adjusting the organizational structure to meet business goals enables a new level of organizational agility when done with a methodical process on a regular basis. With an organizational planning discipline, a firm is better prepared to adapt quickly to changes in the business environment and is better equipped for long-term or strategic workforce planning. This flexibility provides an outstanding competitive edge, especially when an organization is confronted with reorganizations, restructurings or mergers and acquisitions.

Let’s look at a few new enhancements:

  •  Ability to add newly created fields and formulas to existing Plans. For example, if you created a Plan and realized later that you want to track headcount or budget roll-up or add a new field to input Flight Risk status, you can create those fields and add them to the plan instead of having to create a new plan from scratch.
  • Ability to specify number of boxes per row to provide increased flexibility for chart spacing. Planning@Work already has a number of chart styles and other options to provide flexibility when viewing your chart on screen or in published output, but this option provides the users the ability to truly control the size of their chart.
  • Option to include Legend when publishing to PowerPoint or PDF. It is now possible to include the legend on published output, to ensure that the meaning of the conditional formats, field highlights, box colors, etc., are understood.
  • Option to include Page Title in PDF/PPT. It is now be possible to include a title at the top of every page in the published output. The value of the title can be figured to be the value of any field of the top box in on the page.
  • PDF Output now supports gradients. Org Charts can now retain their gradients in PDF outputs.
  • Additional display format support for international date formats. Users in EMEA and Japan can now set the format of the date fields.

When implemented successfully, good Organization Design, Transition Management & Workforce Planning programs result in higher retention, superior programs/services, and long-term organizational sustainability.

Effective Org Design programs actively drive many functional areas such as:

  • Talent Recruitment and Reduction in Force
  • Job Frameworks and Competencies
  • Rapid On-Boarding and Training Programs
  • Performance Management and Incentive Programs
  • Workforce Planning and Human Capital Management
  • Succession and Professional Development Opportunities

To Learn more about Saba Planning@Work click here  

Let me know how you plan to improve your organizational design and workforce planning practices.

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