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Supporting Employee Development: A New Day for Talent Management

March 21, 2014, Emily He -

Recently, our CEO Shawn Farschi attended and keynoted at Confluence 2014, an event which brings together business leaders and innovators around the topic of how Technology is directly impacting companies in their scale to meet the demands of today’s global market place. The need to constantly innovate and keep pace with market competitors as well as customer’s demands can be difficult, but not an unsurmountable task.


Leading the event this year were topics specific to how organizations scale to meet the needs of the evolving workplace, with a particular focus around human resources and its critical role in instilling culture, retention and individual growth.

Talent management – the “big data” like buzz word within all HR circles today –encompasses talent acquisition, employee training and development, and succession planning.  Each of these are critical elements of today’s leading companies from Kaiser Permanente to Procter & Gamble to Yum! Brands. You only have to look at how far employee perks have come from just “healthcare benefits” a few years ago to “unlimited PTO” and “free lunch” today. While top talent is hard to find, it’s far harder to retain it and can be an expensive resource for any Company.

With the Head in the Cloud blogger, Chiara Bersano, attended Confluence 2014 and summarized her top takeaways, which included the relevance of Shawn’s keynote around managing technical, organizational and cultural changes in dynamic business environments.  For Saba, she called out the strategic evolution of product portfolio management from once just a “niche e-Learning provider, to (an) integrated Talent Cloud solution… staying closer to the needs of users and not just the needs of the C-suite [sic]” in order to develop an end-to-end talent lifecycle model approach.

Shawn’s message will be echoed at our upcoming Saba Summit, now known as @Work 2014.  We invite you to join us in Orlando from April 7-10 to learn more about talent management, the new dialogues emerging around human capital resource management and what companies need to do to support their employee’s transformation.  We know that employers need to distinguish themselves in today’s hyper-competitive market but in order to embody that, companies need to adopt tools to support employees on this journey.

During @Work 2014, you’ll hear directly from customers and partners about how they are refocusing their resources on their culture and investment in their people, enabling personal and professional development through e-Learning, Social technologies and collaboration while leveraging predictive analytics to enable more effective development and ultimately drive organizational growth.

We are looking forward to an exciting and productive week in Orlando and hope you can join us there!

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