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It's about communication skills when it comes to workforce agility

March 5, 2014, Karen Hui - It's about communication skills when it comes to workforce agility

In a discussion with Mehdi Tounsi, Alliance and Channel Manager at Saba’s Content Partner Speexx recently, he mentioned a new Speexx white paper for the talent management sector that I want to share with you. Entitled “Championing business agility through better workforce communication,” this new paper sets the agenda for both human resource (HR) and Learning and development professionals, and shows how communication skills can be instrumental in improving workforce agility.

Specifically, the white paper explores the key HR factors driving business agility this year, as well as the barriers to improving workforce communication skills. It also highlights how better communication across borders will increase overall organisational productivity and profitability. Based on the annual Speexx Exchange 2013-14 Survey, an audit that captured feedback from 250 global HR managers and L&D professionals, the paper includes key talent management findings and offers practical guidelines for these groups to follow.

According to the white paper, there is increasing recognition of the need for flexible Learning solutions. Ninety percent of respondents currently provide some form of e-Learning and forty-three percent have it embedded across the entire organisation. Furthermore, the study highlights six specific areas where enterprises may also benefit directly from better communication improving business agility: increased collaboration across borders (cited by forty-three percent); quicker time to decision (forty-one percent); enhanced competitive advantage (thirty-nine percent); improved customer service quality (thirty-eight percent); reduced internal conflict (thirty-three percent) and cost savings (twenty-three percent).

Armin Hopp, founder and president of Speexx, also commented, “Given the increasing trend towards cross-border collaboration, effective communication is now one of the key opportunities for organisations worldwide. The main incentive for businesses is the fact that strong communication skills will lead to enhanced employability and agility. Being able to adapt and evolve will not only ensure a competitive edge, but also create a stronger internal talent management pool.”

To download the free white paper, visit

Speexx, a member of the Saba Content Connect program,  helps large organisations everywhere to drive productivity by empowering employee communication skills across borders. Speexx offers an award-winning range of cloud-based online language Learning solutions for Business English, Spanish, German, Italian and French with ongoing support in 13 languages. For more information about Speexx, visit

Speexx, a member of the Saba Content Connect program and a Content Gold Sponsor at @Work2014.


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