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A Conference Call – It’s not the end of the world, anymore!

January 30, 2014, Taraneh Hosseinzadeh -

It’s not a surprise that the “A Conference Call in Real Life” video went completely viral in less than a few days. A co-worker of mine shared it in our employee community and it seemed as if within minutes our office was filled with laughter. Although I had not seen the video right away (probably because I was on endless conference calls for the majority of my day J) it seemed to be brought up during every call I had that day – “Hey, did you see that video Jeff posted? Nailed it!” It had become the talk of the town. Hmm, what’s so funny about this video, I wondered.

That night, I went home, searched for the video on YouTube and watched it. My roommate was in the other room cleaning and making a raucous - so I turned the volume up pretty loud. A couple minutes into the video I couldn’t help but be completely hooked, I could honestly relate to each and every one of the characters. I’ve done that, been there, said that, muted myself and of course left the call early for happy hour. Just kidding. J. As I sat in my living room watching, my roommate pops her head in and says, “wow, what are you watching? That sounds like my meetings!” I couldn’t help but laugh – not surprised.

In case you haven’t seen it yet, take a peek for yourself:

So why did this video go viral? It may have been because of the amusing improv – but I’m almost positive it was because everyone who has ever been on a conference call knew they could relate in one way or another to this over the top but completely accurate reenactment.

This video could not have portrayed a call any better! So, I’m not only writing this blog to emphasize that I watch hours of humorous YouTube videos after work every day, but because if we can all relate, we should probably make a change, right? There are probably tools out there than can ensure a meeting flows properly, attendees are not cut off and most of all, is productive!

Then I started to think, thank goodness for virtual meetings! Our customers use Saba Meeting. As the leader or organizer, Saba Meeting lets you take total control. Free VoIP and emoticons that allow attendees to actually virtually raise their hand notifying the leader of a question or comment (minimizing static and preventing unintended interruptions), and alerts that let you know whether someone has stepped out shortly – just to name a few awesome features. You hardly ever get dropped, disconnected or muted, and with the HD video capability, you can see who is speaking and if attendees are actually engaged and focused. Also, please advise if I am mistaken, but is it not a pain to have to follow along with a 30 page PowerPoint, taking notes, flipping to the wrong page, and losing track of which page the team is on? With Saba Meeting, a single attendee can share his or her screen or application (in this case a PowerPoint), and make it visible to everyone – how convenient! Lastly, for those of us always on the go - dialing into a call and using our cell phone minutes can be a burden. Luckily, Saba Meeting has a one-touch launch app that can be used with high-quality VoIP so you never worry about going over your minutes again! If you haven’t used a virtual meeting to replace hour long conference calls, let me just say – you are missing out! I will continue to schedule all my meetings with Saba Meeting in an effort to spare the folks on the other end of all the possible pitfalls highlighted in that video. So stay tuned, you may just see a “Real Life Conference Call, Making Things Go Smoothly – The Saba Meeting Edition” by yours truly, in the near future!

Check out Saba Meeting for yourself:

And see how easy it is to share your webcam and have productive meetings!