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Just In Time for the New Year -- Saba Cloud December Update

December 21, 2013, Charles DeNault -

As 2013 winds down, our goal with the December update to Saba Cloud was to build new features and enhance others to make key talent processes more efficient and effective in 2014. Whether you’re kicking off performance reviews or new Learning and collaboration projects, you’ll find new capabilities that will help. The update went live on December 23, 2013, and here are the highlights:

  • Fair and consistent reviews. Performance Review Calibration helps eliminate manager bias and ensure greater fairness and consistency across departments and divisions.
  • Improved Team Goals. Goal setting is critical to improving employee performance, and this update helps managers write and align goals.
  • Fast access to Learning activities. Delight your learners with the new My Calendar that gives fast and easy access classes, due dates and meetings.
  • Efficient program and project launch. Bulk Content Upload speeds the implementation of Learning and collaboration programs that require multiple files.

In addition to these highlights, we’ve also enhanced surveys, the Saba Meeting app, and Mobile Learning approvals. Read on for more information on the latest version of Saba Cloud. Last week, our product management team hosted a training session on this update, and we’ve posted the recording here in the Customer Community. And as with every update to Saba Cloud, complete documentation on the entire update is available in the Saba Cloud Information Center.

Ensuring fairness and consistency with Performance Review Calibration
Managers have biases, and when it comes to performance reviews, some will “grade” far easier than others. Word gets around, and this often results in disengaged, unproductive employees. To improve consistency and fairness in the review process, many companies will calibrate employee performance. With this update, we’ve added the ability to set distributions for performance review scores by department and easily adjust review scores as needed. With each override, the HR business partner is required to add a reason. Employees are wary about the review process for many reasons; making sure how they are rated is equitable helps reduce their worries.

review calibration

Simplified goal setting and alignment
Critical to the success of any performance management program is goal setting, and managers are the ones who make this happen. When writing and assigning goals for their team, managers can now quickly add details and align the goal to a corporate objective. Greater clarity helps employee meet and exceed expectations.

goal details

My Calendar: Fast and easy access
Your learners will appreciate the new My Calendar as it helps them stay on top of their Learning activities. In addition to color coding for event types (instructor led, virtual events, and due dates), the calendar also lets learners toggle between day, week and month views. Each activity is linked to more details, so virtual classrooms, online meetings and Social communities are only a click or two away. In future updates, My Calendar will be enhanced with activities and due dates from goals, reviews and other talent processes.

Calendar final


Bulk Uploads: Accelerate Learning and Collaboration Projects
Learning and Social Collaboration project managers will enjoy Saba Cloud’s new bulk upload capabilities. In Learning, administrators can conveniently and simultaneously import multiple SCORM content packages. Once uploaded into your repository on Saba Cloud, the content can be used as part of courses or Learning tracks.

Similarly, to support projects or simply import existing content, collaboration administrators can upload files in bulk. There are also options to indicate ownership and which groups to share the files with.

Notable Enhancements

  • Likert Scale Support. Surveys, added in the previous update to the Testing and Assessment section, now support Likert or rating scales. This support simplifies developing surveys for gathering feedback on courses, events, and other activities.
  • Saba Meeting Application for Windows and Mac OS. Using the browser’s Java engine can slow entry to meetings and virtual classroom sessions for some users. The Saba Meeting application has been updated, and as a standalone application, it provides quick entry to Saba real-time sessions. Download the application from your Saba Cloud download page, which can be accessed through the menu under your name in the upper left.
  • Mobile Learning Approvals. With this update, course registrations requests will be sent to the Saba Cloud Inbox, which can be accessed through a web browser or the Saba Cloud Mobile application. This gives managers and Learning administrators the ability to approve registrations from their phone or tablet.
  • Revamped Review PDFs. The PDF writer for performance reviews has been updated to give better support for images and rich text.


Of course, that’s not everything in this update
Please refer to the What’s New documentation in the Saba Cloud Information Center to get more detail on the innovations listed above as well as several other enhancements not mentioned here. Saba Customers are invited to watch the recording of the What’s New in Saba Cloud hosted by product management team, posted in the customer community.  Please post your comments and questions there.