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Partner Perspective: Q&A with CBTL

July 10, 2013, Karen Hui -

Content Connect - Introducing CBTL

Located in Germany and the UK, CBTL is a leading provider of Enterprise Learning Content Management Systems and bespoke content to help customers optimize team capabilities and business results. Catching up with Trevor Mosedale, CBTL Alliances Manager, at People 2013 - Saba Global Summit, I sought to find out more about CBTL and about what this new partnership means from their perspective.

What is your business focus and what markets do you serve?

Our business focus is to provide an enterprise framework of process and Technology to increase the availability of Learning content whilst driving down Learning content production costs. This framework is designed to simplify the end to end production process. There are many touch-points between the content provider and the customer, so the latter needs to be very involved. Our framework allows us to streamline this environment. We have a collaborative process in content development. One thing we do is become a part of our customer’s content development team, rather than having them treat us as a supplier. For example, a client may only have one full time designer. We can help with providing resource support in this area rather than have it in-house. This works out to be cheaper than providing numerous purchase orders. In terms of our target market, we look at larger enterprises or companies that have complex Learning development processes. These clients are usually typified by multiple languages, and a large number of course variants. In terms of industries, we focus on automotive, mechanical engineering, pharmaceuticals, retail, banking and financial services.

How would you describe your offering’s differentiation or value proposition for our joint customers?

We create standards of Learning production, provide enterprise Learning content management systems used by internal developers and external suppliers, vet Learning content against that standard and provide full content integration services into Saba. Buying from multiple content sources, CBTL can ensure that this content works. Within Saba, there are a number of integration options, but we go much deeper. Different levels of integration can be provided dependent on the type of content. Standard Saba interfaces can ensure that Compliance content has a much more detailed integration to content that is purely for information only.

What do you find most compelling in partnering with Saba?

Customers want us to take more responsibility of their content on the Saba platform. Thus, we need to be certified. Now we can provide an end-to-end solution for our clients, taking responsibility for the production of complex content from instigation straight to the Saba platform. Currently, we are looking at becoming the content development outsourcing partner for a client where we will take responsibility for transforming face to face training courses into eLearning programs which will be published directly onto the LMS. Hence the Saba relationship is critical.

What are your thoughts on the future of eLearning?

Five years ago, we saw a focus on producing large programs, whereas now it has become all about Learning snippets. The important thing for content developers is to produce reusable Learning objects which can be reproduced into snippets for use in many different forms from Mobile Learning, web pages through to traditional document format. We present a Learning object, e.g. around a product or drug, and are able to reproduce this into multiple formats. People’s attention span is much reduced. In this Social world, people want to select how they want to learn and learn at their own time and pace. As a content provider, we need to provide not only the formal courses, but also focus on multiple formats and making them easily accessible, e.g. especially from a Social aspect. Formal Learning can be appropriated for informal Learning. We still need to improve our Learning on how content is made available. Execution and assessment are important.

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