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Saba Red Cross collaboration- Join Us In Helping Those Impacted By Superstorm Sandy

November 6, 2012, Bobby Yazdani -

As you know, Superstorm Sandy struck the East Coast of the United States on October 29th, causing major flooding and devastation. This disaster has displaced many from their homes and disrupted countless lives. Along with many others, some of our employees, customers and partners have been impacted.

The Red Cross is one of the main organizations providing immediate support in the aftermath of Sandy. At Saba, we want to help those in need and show our support. We have the opportunity to help raise money toward necessities such as food, shelter and rebuilding efforts. In this Saba American Red Cross partnership, we are raising urgently needed funds to support rescue and recovery.

I hope we can all help in this Saba Red Cross collaboration effort. Please join me as you're able to in contributing to this cause. Our goal as a Company is to raise $50,000 for the Red Cross by December 3, 2012. Saba will match contributions to the Red Cross at 20%, to a maximum of $10,000. Together, we can help to make a difference in the lives of those who were affected by this disaster and help all affected rebuild, recover, and get back to their daily lives.

To ensure your donation is enhanced by the Saba corporate match, please follow this link: Saba Red Cross Collaboration

Thanks in advance for your generous support.

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