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Collaboration Tools Online - New Email Digests, Advanced Analytics, Group Meetings and much more...

October 30, 2012, Ben Willis -

Daily and Weekly Email Digests! Improve Online Collaboration

[Learn more: Check out Saba's Online Collaboration Product Tour]

We've added new e-mail digests so you can get all the network news you need on your schedule!  Subscribe to the digests you find interesting and updates will be delivered your email inbox on the schedule you specify (daily, weekly or not at all) to keep you informed on all the important news of the day.  New digests in this update include:

Hot Content Email Digest

Subscribe to get updated on Hot and Trending Content... Most Shared, Most Discussed, Most Liked, New Ideas, Recently raised Issues and more.


Group Activity Email Digest

Subscribe to be notified of important new activity in the Groups that matter most to you... hot New Ideas, pressing open Issues, active Discussions and unanswered group Discussions and more.



Admin Simplification for easier Online Collaboration

We’re always looking for opportunities to simplify the user experience.  In this update, we made a number of important changes to greatly simplify the admin area of the application, focusing on the information architecture (IA) in particular.  We hope you love the new simplified administrative console, so far the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive!


Announcing our new and improved Analytics Module!   With Saba’s new Analytics capability, you can run pre-defined reports or easily create custom analytics on the fly to help you measure your workflows and return on investment (ROI).

Saba Analytics has it all -- flat list reports, cross-tabbing, data dimensions & metrics, scheduled report delivery, conditional formatting, look & feel branding, output to PDF, Excel/CSV and more -- this is one powerful reporting engine with all the bells and whistles you’ll need to analyze your data in a flash!



Guest Learning Catalog

Now, with the flip of a switch, you can enable the Saba People Cloud Guest Catalog to allow anyone, anywhere to discover and browse your Learning offerings.


Group Activity Stream

Saba’s new activity stream is now the focal point of collaboration within Groups and, because the news Activity Stream allows for easy sorting by activity type and popular group tags, you can easily find just the information you are looking for, whether you are looking for recently added files, great new ideas or discussions sorted by popular discussion topics.



Saba’s next generation chat is here…  still has all the great capabilities you’ve grown to love, like instant elevation of a chat conversation to a Saba Meeting, but with improved message handling and even faster than before!



Easily invite Groups to Meetings

With fully featured Web Conferencing, Virtual Classrooms, Online Meetings and Chat built right into the platform, the Saba People Cloud is already one of the most powerful real-time collaboration engines on the market today.  And now, with Group Meetings, meeting with teams of people is even easier.

Use Group Meetings to quickly schedule private sessions with a named group of people for some future date without having to worry about who may join or leave the group between scheduling the meeting and actually attending it – with Group Meetings, Saba dynamically confirms that only the right people are able to attend the session by confirming group membership as they enter the session.



Your Plan!

It’s your Plan, show it that way you like it!   We've added several new filters to the "My Plan" view that allow you to see your TO-DO list just the way you want it!



Self-service Profile Creation made Easy!

With this update, you have even more control over which users can and cannot create accounts on the system.  Based on your business needs, you can configure the system to easily support each of the following:

Open-Access: allows any user can create a new account on the system, unless they have been blacklisted

Approved Access List: allows you to define one or more specific email addresses that are allowed to create new accounts on the system.  Example: anyone from can create a new account.

Blocked Access List: works with either of the above capabilities to specify a set of email addresses that are not valid for new account creation. This is very helpful if you’d like to allow public access but block users from your competition or other specific email addresses. Example: anyone can create an account, unless they use an email from or


Check it out!

If you haven’t logged in recently, come back and take the new features for a spin!  We think you'll like what you see.

To learn more about all the features in Saba People Cloud, check out the Information Center.   There are many other enhancements you’ll see that we haven’t mentioned here, so have a look!


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