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Extended networks, a way more useful activity stream, and way, way faster!

June 27, 2012, Milind Pansare -

The Saba People Cloud team has been hard at work to improve your Social business collaboration experience.  Like all Cloud software services, we update the product continuously. But there are so many cool new features we're rolling out in today's update - extended value networks, activity stream filtering, pQ score enhancements, performance improvements and support for localization -  that we thought we'd call out just a few. Many of these improvements came from suggestions made by you, our customers, so log back in, take a test drive and let us know what you think.


Extended Value Networks

Extended Value Networks

Collaborate securely with customers, partners, suppliers - everyone in your value chain

We've  added support for creating multiple secure external networks, so that you can easily collaborate with your extended value chain. Creating networks enables you to securely separate your different value chains, for example, partners, customers, suppliers - each into their own network. You can easily switch between networks as a user, and ensure you  have the right conversations in the right network. And not just that, but people who are not Saba People Cloud users can now be invited into your extended value networks.

You can have  up to 5 networks, and the important thing to know is that each network is completely self contained, so you never have to worry about information leakage from one network to another. Users now have a home network, and they can take a public profile across all their networks. (We call that Saba Connect). Of course, there's a lot of security settings around this - like  privileges on who can create a new network  and governance so that admins can decide whether profiles from a network get synced to the global directory or the ability for users to opt-out.

Activity Stream Enhancements

The activity stream is at the heart of a Social network. But how do you filter out the signal from the noise ? To make this easier, we've enhanced the activity stream with very cool filters.

Your default view now is  the activity of people you follow, and you can further filter by tags, resource type, things directly shared with you..  for example. This helps you slice and dice the information flowing around you at work and we believe makes the activity stream much more useful.  Of course, you can still choose to see all activity in your network as well, so you never miss what's going on around you at work. There are many changes "under the hood" too, such as a very scalable activity stream architecture that makes the delivery of all those activities across multiple networks work efficiently.

Search enhancements

Search in Saba People Cloud just got better. We now index not just the metadata when you upload a document, but we even index content that's in the document. This works for Word, Powerpoint, Excel documents (Office 2003 and 2007), HTML, Open Document (ODT),Rich text, plain text, PDF and XML content. (Documents that are up to 10 Gb). We believe you should always find exactly what you're looking for right away, and this makes search that much more relevant. Of course all the features you love in search are still there - real time search, filtering by facets, and fine-grained search based on resource types.

pQ score updates

pQ is a concept unique to Saba People Cloud that measures an individual's influence and impact in the network on a relative scale of 0-99.  The feedback from many customers has been that pQ and the competitive dynamic it introduces dramatically helps improve engagement of people in the network and encourages sharing - rather than hoarding - of information. At the same time, customers asked us if we could set a start date for the pQ calculation so that the activity that's often done by community managers or admins prior to rolling out a network doesn't skew individual scores. So yes, we listened and now that's possible. You can also mark some users (typically admins) exempt from pQ. But best of all pQ is now calculated on a rolling 365 day window of activity across the network, so that old activity done a long time ago doesn't skew your score either. If you haven't checked out your pQ yet, log in and contribute something useful today. Check out these helpful hints and watch your pQ score rise every day!

Falamos a sua língua!

Our customers and friends in Brazil have have asked for this, and here it is... Saba People Cloud now speaks Brazilian Portuguese. Saba People Cloud is an internationalized solution -  stay tuned as we continue to roll out  support for many more languages. (Translation: Yes, we speak your language!)

Faster, way faster

And last, but not least we're constantly focusing on performance. Everything's getting faster and you should be able to feel the difference.  And we'll stay on this relentlessly with every update so that your experience with Saba People Cloud is nothing short of snappy.

If you haven't logged in recently, come back and take the new features for a spin, and let us know what you think. There's many more enhancements you'll see that we haven't mentioned here -  like audio alerts in chat, improved private messaging and more. To learn more about all the features in Saba People Cloud, Check out the Information Center.




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