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Where to Begin for Effective HR

May 8, 2012, Emily He -

So you’re ready to refine, or perhaps overhaul, your HR department. Maybe you’ve already got the IT element in place and feel ready to start entering data and organizing your division. Stop. Read this first.

At Saba’s 2012 Global Summit, held on March 19-22, we listened to the insights of two of the HR world’s greatest minds—Naomi Bloom of Bloom & Wallace and Jim Holincheck of Gartner Research—on how best to start an HR makeover. I share with you their steps to make your project a success:

1)     Take inventory. Make sure you have solid knowledge of the current state of your department. Are your personnel data up to date? You don’t want to plug outdated or irrelevant data into a new HR management system. Also, take stock of the systems you use for email, training, and other employee communication.

2)     Assess Mobile. Whether approved or not, your business is Mobile. Between Company-issued and personal Mobile devices, employees in all likelihood conduct some (or a lot of) office-related work through Mobile Technology. It’s important to know the device profile of your employee population for data security reasons, but also for opportunities for innovation and differentiation in areas such as remote training and telework.

3)     Go Social. If your organization doesn’t allow access to Social networks, it’s time for a change. Evaluate safe and secure ways you can use Social networking to your business’s advantage. The beneficial outreach possibilities offered by these networks outweigh the risks posed by irresponsible employee behavior on public sites—behavior HR departments can control with sound policies.

4)     Integrate. The need for integration applies to data organization, user interface, business process and work flow. People, processes, and solutions need built-in means of communication with each other to ensure consistency, efficiency, and cost effectiveness.


With these topics in mind, an organization can more effectively take advantage of new technologies that enable rapid transformation. And we’re here to help along the way, as you navigate your HR landscape.


To listen to Naomi and Jim’s complete discussion, please visit our video archive of the 2012 Global Summit.

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