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A New World of Work at Saba’s People 2012 Global Summit

March 18, 2012, Bobby Yazdani -

With our People 2012 Global Summit a mere 48 hours away, we’re putting the final details in place!

Amidst the preparation bustle, I wanted to take minute to share with you some of the great content the conference has to offer this year. It’s a critical time to visit the issues we’re discussing in Miami—including connecting the people in your value chain, streamlining and unifying Learning and talent management, and incorporating Social and collaboration solutions —all crucial components for success in the modern world of work.

We address these issues at a turning point in workplace management. After all, this new workplace is more than just an updated version of the past; you can’t just upgrade Technology and expect to keep pace with change anymore. Today’s world of work requires an entire transformation of management mentality and approach:  Information is no longer at the center of the workplace, people are.

In a world of work that revolves around human capital, organizations need to engage their people, break down barriers and silos based on expertise or experience, and create flexible collaboration models that can move and shift to best meet customer demands. It’s about the people on the inside of the business and how they use networked Social communication tools to develop their skills and team with their colleagues. And, it’s about the people on the outside—the customers and partners—that benefit from working with an organization that loops them in, maximizing Social, Mobile, and cloud-based collaboration capabilities to optimize real-time communication.

We’re bringing some of the best minds in the field to Miami to share with you their thoughts on how to thrive in this new work paradigm. Insights shared by authors Jim Collins and Gary Hamel, HR Technology expert Naomi Lee Bloom, Gartner’s James Holincheck, and the American Red Cross’s CIO John Crary will provide invaluable guidance on how to transition smoothly to a modern workplace.

Members of the Saba team will round out the discussion by explaining the vision we have to change the way people work and the new platform we’ve developed to dynamically engage people—the lifeblood of any business operation.

If you’re meeting us in Miami, I look forward to exploring this new frontier of people-centric work. It promises to be a thought provoking, informative and inspiring conference!

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