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The Social Business: It’s About Your People, and a New Approach to Management

November 23, 2011, Emily He -

Last week, Saba was at the Enterprise 2.0 Conference in Santa Clara, California, contributing to the discussions and activities behind building Social businesses. Throughout the course of the show we saw all kinds of exciting and innovative tools and heard some quite visionary theories for what a true Social business looks like, but if there has been one underlying theme to the conference, it’s that a fundamental change needs to happen within organizations to become a Social business. In other words, an organization won’t suddenly become a Social business by implementing the latest, hot Technology alone, but by taking a look in the mirror and enacting change throughout the entire business. And how is this achieved? By reinventing the very concept of management.

If you were involved with E2.0 last week or have been following our blog, you’ll know that Saba, along with the Management Innovation Exchange (MIX) recognized early on that the reinvention of management is the key to adapting to the “new world of work” in our midst, and the shift towards the Social business that coincides with it. This led to the launch of the “Management 2.0 Hackathon” on the second day of the conference, a partnership between Saba, Enterprise 2.0 and the MIX which aims to generate innovative ideas that illustrate how the principles and tools of the Web can be used to make organizations more adaptable, innovative, inspiring and accountable.

To aid to the collaborative nature of the project, community and Social guides have been added to engage participants and make the hackathon experience as smooth as possible. The community guides will interact with participants on a daily basis, providing updates, introducing new activities, and ensuring an engaging hacking experience, while the Social guides will help participants with questions about the Saba Social collaboration platform.

Community and Social guides are:


The MIX and Saba team have also added a group of coaches to the hackathon who will provide thought-provoking perspectives and practical advice to participants.

These coaches are:


The brains behind the MIX, industry expert Gary Hamel, commented earlier this week, “Thanks to the Web, we can imagine organizations that are large but not bureaucratic, that are focused but not myopic, that are specialized but not balkanized, that are efficient but not inflexible and, best of all, that are disciplined but not disempowering.”

Saba’s own Bobby Yazdani sees the new way of work, which heavily emphasizes and depends on Social and Mobile technologies and relies on people networks and the right processes, with Technology serving as the vital means to an end. And the voices emanating out of the Enterprise 2.0 Conference agree, with CMSWire claiming that employees crave the need to feel relevant and to be truly empowered within an organization – and this is precisely what “Management 2.0” is designed to do. The BrainYard’s David Carr highlighted how the reinvention of management served as the overarching theme of the conference’s keynotes, and referring to the Management 2.0 Hackathon and its goal of collaboration leading to the new management model, commented, “By joining with the members of the MIX community, Enterprise 2.0 conference goers will have a chance to turn that next step into a giant leap.”

If it seems as if a leading tech conference, tech vendor and tech-based collaboration platform are focusing too heavily on people rather than the Technology itself, it should be noted that E2.0, Saba and the MIX are placing their bets behind the collaboration that organizations will need to foster between people through Technology – and those companies that do this best will be the most successful in the new world of work. In this equation, it’s a case of organizations understanding how to have their people leverage the latest Technology to make their businesses reach their true potential. And all it takes is a new approach.

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