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Saba Attends Fall 2011 CLO Symposium

October 12, 2011, Emily He -

We’re off to sunny Dana Point where we will participate in the Fall 2011 Chief Learning Officer Symposium. We’re looking forward to a great trip, as Saba Learning is a finalist in the CLO Learning in Practice Awards. These prestigious awards are given out during an awards ceremony today, the opening day of the symposium. Winners will also be recognized in a special section in the December issue of Chief Learning Officer magazine. Keep your fingers crossed for a Saba win!

In addition, Saba will participate in two speaking sessions. Both sessions will take place on Thursday, October 13, 2011.  In the first session, Saba’s Director of Product Strategy, David Koehn and Saba customer, Josh Murrell, Training Network Administrator for Five Guys will discuss Using Analytics to Increase the Impact of Your Learning and Development Budget.”

The speakers will teach the attendees how to equip themselves with the right tools to measure the business value of their Learning and Development initiatives. They will also cover the relationship between training, analytics, and the bench strength of companies.  In addition, the speakers will answer key questions like:

  • When learners perform against a Learning plan, how does the competency landscape of different groups change?
  • If and when salespeople are trained, how well do they perform against revenue targets relative to those who did not receive training?
  • How can an organization measure the financial value of strategic on-boarding?
  • How can an organization speed up and instrument new product introductions with indirect sales?
  • What measures communicate the value of ensuring compliance through testing and certification?
  • What increase in productivity comes from switching from annual performance reviews to deploying quarterly Social feedback sessions?
  • What are the performance results and business benefits of enabling virtual classrooms and video delivery for global organizations?

Do you really understand how your Learning and Development initiative dollars relate to HR and the overall success of your Company? If not, this is the session for you!  See details for the sessions below:

WHO:                  Saba’s Director of Product Strategy, David Koehn and customer, Josh Murrell, Training Network                                                     Administrator for Five Guys.

WHAT:                 Discussion on “Using Analytics to Increase the Impact of Your Learning and Development Budget

WHEN:                 3:00pm - 4:00pm on October 13, 2011

WHERE:              Pavilion 3 in the Ritz-Carlton, Laguna Niguel


Following that session, David Koehn will co-host a birds-of-a-feather session with Kimo Kippen, Chief Learning Officer for Hilton Worldwide. In the session, the two will discuss “The CLO’s First 100 Days.” The speakers will show the audience why goal-setting is critical when stepping into any new role, especially for that of a Learning leader. Whether you’re the CEO, CFO or front-line manager, you are expected to develop expertise in their organization’s business, build strong relationships with key stakeholders across the enterprise and set the stage for a range of short- and long-term initiatives and projects, all within the first 100 days! The speakers will explore tips and techniques to help CLOs get on-boarded quickly and easily for long-lasting success!


Session details:

WHO:                   Saba’s Director of Product Strategy, David Koehn and Kimo Kippen, Chief Learning Officer for Hilton                                              Worldwide

WHAT:                 Discussion on “The CLO’s First 100 Days

WHEN:                 4:30pm - 5:30pm on October 13, 2011.

WHERE:               Pavilion 1 in The Ritz-Carlton, Laguna Niguel


If you are attending the Fall 2011 CLO Symposium, be sure to stop in to one of these sessions and say hello to the Saba folks!


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