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Thoughts from the HR Technology Conference & Expo: It’s All About Transformative HR!

October 6, 2011, Chris Tratar -

This week, Saba attended the HR Technology Conference & Expo in Las Vegas, in the thick of one of the leading conferences for all things talent management, Learning and collaboration. There were many discussions around the future of the HR industry and the technologies that help organizations maximize the achievement of their people for business success; one theme that was particularly prevalent among conference speakers was “transformation.” It was explored in depth by John Boudreau, professor at the University of Southern California’s Marshall School of Business, during his opening keynote, “Transformative HR: How Your Organization Can Use Evidence-Based Change.” But what doestransformation mean for businesses large and small? (Is transformationmore than just a scary word that seems to be asking organizations to undergo a very daunting task?)

Implementing transformative strategies and technologies that support change is certainly not as daring or unmanageable as it seems. Industry expert Josh Bersin sees Social media and Mobile Technology as two of the biggest developments currently taking place within the HR industry. He believes that both trends have the potential to enable organizations to transform the way they do business. Social and Mobile technologies, Bersin says, when deployed strategically to fit within an organization’s framework, can allow employees to better collaborate in real time and get things done faster – no matter where they may be.

And Saba whole-heartedly agrees.  Transformative HR is really all about thinking about HR and talent differently rather than starting all over again.  In order to be transformative, HR and talent organizations should always come back to the same question; how will this impact real business results besides just automation, compliance and cost savings?  There are strategic talent initiatives that can really build a high performance culture and unlock value from the workforce such as talent visibility, using Social and collaborative technologies, communicating strategy better, and on boarding to name a few.

Saba’s People Cloud Applications enable organizations to build a transformative workplace – an environment in which enterprise Social networking and the ubiquity of Mobile empower an organization’s most critical assets:  its people. However, it’s all well and good to move towards a transformative workplace by embracing Social, Mobile and other technologies, but in today’s global economy, the real game-changer is doing of all this through the cloud.

During a debate that took place on Tuesday, Bloom & Wallace managing partner Naomi Bloom stated, “the first order of business should be:  Don’t spend another penny on your legacy apps:  The future is SaaS.” So, without asking them to bite off more than they can chew, in order to ride the transformative wave for better business results, organizations would be wise to begin implementing cloud-based Social and Mobile technologies and prepare for a new way of working.

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