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Why Development Driven Performance Management Matters - part II

August 31, 2011, Bhaskar Deka - Organizations using Development Driven Performance Mgt can see 200% increase in productivity. Bhaskar Deka @Saba discusses 5 steps for effective implementation of Development Driven Performance Management. Results of survey from a webinar with HR leaders are included.

In my earlier blog post, I talked about the "Coaching & Development Model" being at the heart of a "Development Driven Performance Management" approach. Following my post, we had a very interactive  webinar covering the"5 Steps to Development Driven Performance Management." today. Thanks to the over 200 folks who registered for the webinar. Here is the summary of the results of polling questions we asked the audience:

Poll question #1: What is your primary purpose for performance management?

Audience Response:
A. Compliance 4%
B. Equity (driving compensation and promotion) 26%
C. Business result improvement 64%
D. Other 4%

It is encouraging to note that an overwhelming majority of organizations in this survey seem to be really keen on performance management driving business results. A couple of years back, a majority would probably have called out compliance as key driver.

Poll question #2: Which model of performance management are you using today?

Audience Response:
A. Competitive Evaluation 15%
B. Coaching and Development 43%
C. Hybrid Model 35%
D. Neither 5%

This is another interesting trend. More than seventy percent of organizations in this survey are incorporating "coaching & development" in one form or another into their performance management process.

Poll Question #3: Where does your organization stand in using real-time feedback in performance management today?

Audience Response:
A. Actively using it 0%
B. Some parts of the organization using it 75%
C. Does not use right now, but considering it 17%
D. No plans for using it right now 6%

This is another encouraging sign. Seventy-five percent of the organizations in this poll, are incorporating real time performance feedback at least in some of parts of their organization.

Poll question #4: How would you characterize manager-employee interactions for performance management in your organization right now?

Audience Response:
A. Once-a-year performance review 48%
B. Some parts of the organization using it 34%
C. Employees and managers meet frequently to hold performance discussions 11%
D. Inconsistent performance review process 4%

A vast majority of organizations still seem to be using an annual performance review process instead of managers and employees having frequent interactions related to performance management.

If you missed the webinar and want to learn more about the steps you can follow to effectively implement a "Development Driven Performance Management" approach please click on the link below to listen to the webinar recording.

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