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Customer Spotlight #2: Andy Wooler, Legal & General

June 8, 2011, Alice Harkin -

Our second Customer Spotlight and Featured Contributor in the Saba Online Community (S.O.C) is Andy Wooler. Wooler is an HR Technology Manager at Legal & General, a major financial services provider in the United Kingdom. Wooler is responsible for all the major HR technologies at Legal & General, but predominantly oversees the Saba LMS, as well as an internal HR Information and Compensation Software.

Get to Know Andy
Wooler is not your average customer. He is extremely active in the S.O.C and often posts blogs, shares informational content with the entire community, and interacts in multiple discussion groups.

However, Learning and HR Technology is not Wooler’s only passion. “If I wasn’t working in the Learning space I would be working as a professional musician. I’m a semi professional trumpet player and a past chair of a major orchestra here in the UK,” Wooler stated.Luckily for the S.O.C, Wooler keeps his day job close to his heart and puts forth a great effort to promote conversation and activity across the community at large.

How Andy Met Saba
Wooler first got into the Learning space around 10 years ago, when he managed his initial implementation of Saba. “Hopefully there are a few people out there that still remember Saba 3.4. That was just the beginning of a long relationship,” Wooler said looking back on his first experiences with the product.

He was lucky to be ahead of the curve in the Learning space and was pursuing an MBA in Knowledge Management when he began using Saba’s products. “Creativity, innovation, change -- all those ideas shaped the way I thought of the then emerging world of e-Learning. I saw a particular synergy between knowledge management thinking and what we were trying to achieve in e-Learning, which today of course has become even more relevant with the advent of Social media and Social Learning,” Wooler said.

Legal & General currently uses Saba's Enterprise Learning Platform, Saba Collaboration, and Saba Publisher. Legal & General chose Saba Publisher because Wooler wanted to move the Company towards a more internal development capability and to, in turn, become less reliant on external vendors. Both Saba Learning and Saba Collaboration fell into place with the shift in the industry toward online Learning and training.

Why Andy is Active in the Customer Community
Wooler is a great member of the community because of both his deep passion for the Learning Technology industry and his fervor for communal knowledge in the workplace. “The thing that I love about the Saba Online Community is the way that people are so prepared to share. It’s something obviously, we want to encourage people to do and our own community is a really great example of doing that,” Wooler added.

In addition, Wooler enjoys being able to meet colleagues, Saba employees, and professionals in his industry from around the world without ever having to leave his office. “It’s nice to meet people [in the community] before you meet them in the flesh. I don’t always have the time to attend every conference or event, so meeting colleagues in the community is very beneficial. Although, I have had a funny story about speaking with new people there. One such story happened when I introduced myself to a Saba product marketing employee in Boston to find that he wasn’t the one I had been speaking to in the discussion group; it was actually his father.”

How to Make the Most Out of the Community
Andy believes that to truly benefit from the online community, an employee must take an active role in participating. It is not good enough to be what Wooler calls a “lurker” or someone who only views the community and uses the information available on it, but doesn’t add anything to it.

“We need to be able to put things in the community in order to get things out. I’ve learned so much from my peers over the years through being active in communities. So, for me, this is just the way that I work. I realize that it takes others more time to get used to the give and take nature of the community, but I cannot stress enough how great it is to add to the growing wealth of knowledge that is available,” Wooler concluded.

Learn More
Customers can view Andy Wooler’s Featured Contributor video in the Saba Online Community, here.