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The Changing Business of Learning - why you need to adapt to stay relevant

March 24, 2011, Milind Pansare -

If you're a professional in the business of training or Learning- whether it's internal training in your organization, or training the extended enterprise of customers and partners - you've doubtless considered the relevance of Social technologies in Learning. Formal training as we know, has always been just one part of the equation. Increasingly in our personal lives, we use facebook, YouTube and Flickr to share things we know with friends and family. But even more amazing is the fact that we use videos on YouTube and tweets on twitter to learn from perfect strangers.

Just the other day, my 10 year old wanted Shepherd's Pie. I'd never made one before, but a quick search on YouTube, and a minute and a half later, here we go!

Why can't we surface expert content that easily at work ? Should our courses be shorter and more succinct to adapt to how we expect to consume sound bites in Social media ? How should you as a Learning professional adapt your game to stay relevant in this changing landscape ?

People in today's workforce are becoming conditioned to new ways of Learning by using YouTube, Facebook, Google, iPad, iPhone, and more. Employees and customers across the extended enterprise ecosystem can now continuously connect and collaborate and are coming to expect these approaches to Learning in their enterprise software. Learning professionals can now go far beyond online training by integrating Social and real-time platforms into day-to-day business. The new frontier of solutions includes layering Learning Management Systems with Social and web conferencing platforms with rich video and audio.

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