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Learning on the iPad just got better

March 2, 2011, Jim Lundy -

Most of the hype today on the announcement of the Apple iPad was about all the features that version 2 now offers (cameras, lighter weight, faster, new lid, same price). Overall, a great tablet just got better. That said, there was one aspect that many overlooked - the release of iMovie for the iPad.

iMovie is part of a new generation of Learning authoring tools where video and audio take center stage. The days of slideware for pure Learning are waning (In fact when I was at Gartner, we recommended against using slides for training).

For Learning and development professionals, getting up to speed on this class of tool is a must do action. You can accomplish in three minutes what it might take 20 minutes to do via traditional instructional delivery methods. Teenagers and college students are very comfortable with this class of tool, in part because are using them for many of their school projects.

Related to all this, I decided to test how well iMovie could be used to convey all of the world class functionality we have in our Saba Centra for iPad app, which we introduced via the iTunes App Store last October.

The result is a commercial fully authored in iMovie that is just 32 seconds long. Check it out here: Saba Centra for the Apple iPad

Communicating all the simplicity and speed of Saba Centra for the iPad in 32 seconds was no easy feat. It took some careful story boarding, but that is what rich media authoring is all about. Of course, it isn't always easy to convey things like quality (our HD VoIP is 2x as good as a land line phone call) and ease of use. To do that, you need to download the app and check it out by setting up a free trial account. From your trial account, you set up a meeting and send the invite to your iPad...Click on the meeting link from your email and you are ready to go.

So tablets like the iPad are here to stay and so is this new generation of consumer video authoring tool. Of course, for full courseware authoring, check out Saba Publisher 10.0, which offers some compelling capabilities to create a full e-Learning course. If you are creating rich media project using iMovie, let me know some of the projects you have worked on. Reply below with a link.