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Share Knowledge with Saba Live

February 2, 2011, Jim Lundy -

There are lots of collaboration solutions on the market today. The problem is that many fail to go viral and end up in what I have referred to as the wiki graveyard.

I recently gave an overview of Saba Live (our enterprise business networking solution) to some senior executives of a large global enterprise who wanted to find a way to enable better knowledge sharing across their  employee population. As I started,  I predicted that many of them would not want to 'tweet' their status internally for a variety of reasons and that is one of the key reasons so many Social networking products fail today.

I also suggested that they would want to share important content, rate it and see information that others were sharing, particularly those who they follow as part of their 'network'. In the course of a short demo I showed them how the patent pending resource sharing model in Saba Live keeps a community alive and allows real knowledge sharing to take place.

Avoid the wiki graveyard that so often happens with Social community tools. Check out Saba Live - see our Launch Video or a short demonstration - here. It is time to crowdsource innovation in your enterprise - start doing it with Saba Live.