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Saba Centra web conferencing helps make the world a little smaller

September 9, 2010, Chris Tratar -

Saba helps all kinds of enterprises and governments drive better productivity, profits and customer satisfaction. Many organizations around the world use solutions like Saba Centra web conferencing to spread vital education and collaboration on such important topics as global warming, and AIDS prevention and treatment.  Others use Saba Centra online collaboration tools to bring basic education to a whole new generation of students who would not have been able to get as rich and collaborative an education without it.  For the Children of South Australia, Saba Centra makes the world a much bigger (and smaller) place.

The state of South Australia is 1 million square kilometers in size or roughly twice the size of Spain, reaching from the port of Adelaide deep into the Australian outback.  Roughly 180,000 K-12 students live in this vast geographic area.  The shdescribe the imageeer size of the state and the remote locations of the students have presented a unique set of challenge for the South Australian Department of Education & Children’s Services for decades.  Traditionally, educational programming was delivered to remote areas via the Radio with no chance for interaction.  Now with Saba Centra, the world is a much smaller place because students and teachers alike can use video web conferencing to see each other across the kilometers, share works for art, see their classmates, and experience a much richer and interactive classroom experience than they used to.

What’s even more exciting is how the South Australian Department of Education & Children’s Services is using web conferencing from Saba Centra to make the world a much bigger place for students. By providing them with unique experiences such as taking classes via Saba Centra, students get exposed to things they never would have. One example is a virtual class in which an Australian marine biologist, Lloyd Godson, shared his story while spending two weeks at the bottom of a large lake living in the world’s first self-sufficient underwater habitat.  Over the years, South Australian students have also enjoyed web conferencing with a Nobel prize winner in chemistry, a scientist studying dolphins in the middle of the ocean (using a video camera and hydrophone) and a captain on the bridge of his ship as he piloted it into the Port Adelaide harbor. Most recently, Saba Centra web conferencing was used to support one of Australia’s largest story telling sessions, when 1,100 students joined Australian hockey star, and two time Olympic gold medalist Juliet Haslam, as she read Little White Dogs Can’t Jump.  The program was a rousing success.

It is truly rewarding to work at a Company like Saba that can provide solutions to not only fortune 100 organizations, but also to many public sector, academic and non-profit organizations that work to make the world a better place for all of us.  I am proud to work at a Company that is helping to make the world a much bigger (and smaller) place for the children of South Australia.