Organizational Planning

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Effectively Manage Organizational Changes

Enable executives and HR to seamlessly lead transitions and facilitate strategic organizational planning.

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Visualize your organization beyond the org chart

business planning software
  • Aggregate data from different systems and establish a common vocabulary
  • Visualize current hierarchies, organizational charts and scenarios coupled with metric and KPI overlays
  • Securely present proposed plans to the right people
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Strategically plan for the future, model various solutions

project management software
  • Alter visualizations and current data to design your future organization
  • Plan for an aging workforce, M&A, reorgs, and meet a headcount goal with diversity constraints
  • Simultaneously model different scenarios in the same working environment
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Apply best practices for seamless transition

project planning software
  • Leverage best practices in redeployment and reductions in force
  • Automate transition processes and simplify redundant HR activities
  • Gain real-time visibility, flexibility, off-payroll savings and ensure compliance 
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