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Work Better Together

Transform your organization with vibrant social communities and HD video conferencing

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Increase communication and satisfaction across the organization

collaborative project management software
  • Connect disparate communities of coworkers, partners and customers 
  • Leverage collective expertise and energy to cultivate ideas and solve problems in minutes
  • Build and foster vibrant, social and collaborative communities that truly work together
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Scale training broadly with high-impact virtual classrooms

Collaboration Platform
  • Provide rich interactivity with polls, whiteboarding, and breakout rooms
  • Reduce preparation and improve consistency with re-usable content and activities
  • Easily blend, administer, and report on learning with a unified LMS
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Improve communication and lower costs

Collaboration Platform
  • Bridge distances with HD video conferencing for interviews, virtual classrooms, webinars and meetings
  • Automatically post recordings so people can review on their own time
  • Create video channels to securely share recordings and video across the enterprise
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Elevate learning and performance

Best Project Management Software
  • Share and discover content and expertise across work groups

  • Accelerate knowledge transfer and alignment of efforts by tapping your entire network

  • Improve learning programs, streamline performance processes and implement true people development processes
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Raise productivity and engagement

collaboration at work saba
  • Boost employee productivity with personalized recommendations on content and experts
  • Increase efficiency through seamless team communication
  • Drive engagement with badges and peer recognition
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