United We Thrive

We're on a Mission

The average person will spend nearly 100,000 hours of their life working. Saba’s mission is to help our clients create a work experience for their people that’s more engaging, inspiring and empowering - an experience that can transform the working lives of millions, and creates more growth and success for every business.

With Saba, you have the power of 1000 talent experts in your corner, solely focused on living that mission, and helping HR leaders transform their people strategy and talent experience, while delivering tangible impact to the business.

1000 Employees | 4,000 Global Customers | 33 Million Users

Who's Behind Us

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How We Got Here - Saba's Story

From our humble beginnings in a San Francisco garage to present day where Saba is recognized as an industry-leading provider of innovative talent management solutions, the story of Saba is an amazing one. Find out how, in the span of 20 years, Saba has earned the trust of the market and some of the world’s most iconic brands.

Saba's History

Our Approach - We're In Your Corner

At Saba, we know that when we’re united - around our goals, our culture, and the growth and development of our people – that’s when we’re most successful. So our approach is based on the knowledge that talent management is more than technology. It’s about finding a partner who takes the time to understand your organization’s unique culture and vision, and experts who are willing to work shoulder to shoulder with you to achieve your most aspirational goals or solve your toughest challenges.
We get it.

We're United with your Business

No matter where you’re starting, or where you’re going, we take the time to understand your unique goals and challenges, and then we partner with you on that journey.

We're United with your Vision

Technology can help you realize your vision, and we know that when it can flex around the culture of your organization, that’s where it can really shine.

We Unite You with Your People

Today’s employees have new expectations. We help you deliver the engaging and ongoing experience your people crave, without losing the tools and insights you need to prove results.

We Unite Talent Management

We’re bringing employee development, collaboration, feedback and coaching together in new ways, to help your people grow and thrive.

We're Saba. United we work, learn and grow.

United We Thrive

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