The Saba Cloud Spring Release is Here!

Empowering leaders at all levels with intelligent talent management

The Saba Cloud 2015 Spring Release is here, focusing on empowering our customers with the intelligent tools to attract, advance and empower leaders — and ultimately build a culture of leadership throughout the organization. While there are many features and enhancements with this release, here are some of the key updates to help address this critical challenge:


Identify internal and external candidates with leadership potential, with intelligent, visual comparisons

The latest release delivers new ways to visually compare and identify the best candidates for a position. In addition to getting intelligent recommendations on candidates ranked based on a percentage fit, users can take those recommendations and visually assess them side-by-side for a fast, apples-to-apples comparison across the most important parameters — including badges and other types of peer recognition measuring influence among internal candidates.


Build and visualize your talent pools with self-identified, peer-identified and system-recommended leaders

As always, talent pools can be built leveraging formal nominations, peer-based nominations and intelligent recommendations from TIM — but now will include self-nominations based on employees’ planned career trajectories and their positions of interest. Potential successors can then be plotted on an N-Box grid by a variety of parameters, such as skills, performance and readiness — making it easy to visually identify the best successors and calibrate their position via drag and drop for future planning.

And — building on the Spring Release, we’re excited to introduce Saba Benchmark! 

Compare and improve your talent processes with industry benchmarks and recommended actions

Saba Benchmark provides a real-time view into the key performance metrics across your organization’s talent processes — and compares them side-by-side vs. industry peers, enabling you to benchmark performance. In addition, it leverages TIM to provide intelligent recommendations on the best next steps, with an action button for each recommendation, enabling you to execute the next step (such as assigning training, setting a goal or sending a note), all without leaving the screen.