Saba Mobile

Accelerate People Processes

With Saba Mobile, Intelligent Talent Management is available anytime, anywhere. Mobility provides flexibility so employees and managers can learn, collaborate and coach at their convenience, elevating productivity and engagement. Additionally, instant access to information, experts and approvals is often the key to success.

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Help your people grow and succeed, anytime, anywhere

  • Web and video meetings enable collaboration, learning and coaching
  • Personal and relevant recommendations of classes, content and experts
  • Social groups and discussions connect and engage employees
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Just-In-Time learning and performance support

  • Search, filter and find information and experts
  • Crowd source questions to communities of specialists
  • Find, register and complete courses including exams while on the go
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Keep talent processes moving, while on the go

  • Recruiting: Conduct interviews, discuss candidates, approve requisitions and offers
  • Goals: Set, track and update goals
  • Coaching: Track key activities, provide guidance and feedback, and recognize achievements
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Secure and convenient

  • Native apps for Android and iOS, available in Google Play and the Apple App store
  • Single Sign-On and configurable time out
  • Remote content-wipe
  • Data encryption
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