Our Intelligent Core

Saba’s Intelligent Talent Management solution, powered by Saba Cloud has an intelligent core that’s made up of a dynamic employee profile and a set of intelligent algorithms that get smarter every time someone logs in.


How does it work?

It starts with a unique employee profile that stores not only skills, education and background, but adds contributions, connections, conversations and memberships.

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Once an employee logs in, the intelligent algorithms go to work.  They notice who the employee connects to, which documents he downloads, how often and what he contributes and what classes he takes.  They crunch through all this information and lots more, and similar data from everyone that logs into the system.

We call our algorithms, TIM, the Intelligent Mentor™, because they’re really designed to help your employees get better at their jobs and even make career suggestions – like a virtual mentor.

Your employees can even ‘teach TIM’ about themselves by filling out more of their profile whenever they want. The reward is personalized recommendations for courses, content and connections that make your employees more productive every day.

But, TIM helps out managers and the HR team too, by recommending internal candidates for open positions, identifying successors and even recommending the appropriate level of compensation for each employee.

Saba’s Intelligent Core, is at the heart of the Saba’s Talent Management apps, which include recruiting, performance, compensation, succession, learning and planning.

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