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Saba Extended Enterprise

In today’s interconnected world of work, your organization’s success depends on much more than ensuring just your internal workforce is appropriately trained. Discover how Saba Extended Enterprise allows you to train your extended workforce, or any audience in your business ecosystem.

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Partners, Resellers & Service Providers

Train and certify channel partners, resellers and service providers to more effectively sell and support your products. Help them grow revenue and market share.

Sales Win.

Dealers, Distributors & Franchises

Ensure your entire distribution channel is equipped with the training they need to achieve profitability and deliver a consistent customer experience.

Brand Win.

Association Members

Provide ongoing education and development opportunities for members of your professional association while supporting membership recruitment and renewal efforts.

Revenue Win.

Customers & End Users

Create new revenue streams with training monetization, or provide more robust self-service training to boost customer satisfaction while reducing live support costs.

Customer Win.

Saba Extended Enterprise is a robust learning management platform with virtual classroom, assessment, social, collaborative and mobile capabilities.

Comprised of Saba Learning and Collaboration - coupled with a powerful e-commerce engine- the unique capabilities of Saba Extended Enterprise facilitat highly scalable, efficient and effective training of your extended workforce or any external audiences.

Powerful Foundation with Multiple Learning Portals

Increase channel effectiveness and customer satisfaction with a central, scalable platform and unlimited portals.

  • Advanced administrative tools for the extended enterprise include robust smart lists, prescriptive rules engine, certification programs, paths and workflows, expiration and recertification, e-signatures, audit trails and time stamps.
  • An unlimited number of microsites allow you to support multiple audiences, users and brands with localized, branded sites, each with its own customized list of courses, pricing, payment types, and promotions.
  • Robust integrations and APIs enable easy integration of talent and learning functionality into any website, portal, or enterprise application.

E-Commerce Capabilities

Offer your extended workforce the ability to purchase training-related activities right from your LMS. 

  • Powerful e-commerce capabilities include support for multiple currency and payment methods, discounts and promotions, bundles, ability to feature courses and shopping cart interface.
  • Track, record and analyze training-related program costs.
  • Payment gateways enable secure transactions that allow you to accept credit cards and are Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant.

Compliance and Reporting

Manage all training records using one system, and simplify the management of compliance and certification processes with powerful course assignment, tracking and reporting capabilities.

  • Dynamic assignments ensure that each person that needs to be trained and certified is assigned the necessary learning activities, even as their job function changes or certifications expire. 
  • Change management tools make it easy for administrators to design programs that match complex certification requirements, and update those programs as regulations change.
  • A wide range of out-of-the-box reports and dashboards as well as available custom report capabilities help administrators, managers, and employees track and ensure compliance. 

Blended Content and Delivery

Make learning more accessible and engaging with broad content support and a variety of integrated delivery options. 

  • Content standards supported include SCORM, AICC and Tin Can, as well as informal content formats such as web pages, videos, PDFs, slides, and more. 
  • Delivery options include Saba Classroom and recordings, which are convenient for learners and instructors, increase course completion rates, and reduce travel expenses. 
  • Learning groups can be added to each course and communities can be formed for more general program support, giving learners a place to discuss, ask questions, and share resources.

Learner-Centric Experience

Get the most out of your investment in training by making sure course assignments and due dates are effectively communicated to learners. 

  • My Plan provides each learner with a simple, personalized dashboard with due dates and access to activities.
  • Mobile accessibility meets the needs of today’s modern workforce, providing on-the-go access to job aids, completed training, social groups, and even the ability to crowd source answers.
  • Saba’s universal player guarantees access to eLearning, recordings, assessments, and informal content, while avoiding pop-up blockers.


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