Our Success Packages are at the core of our Expertise@Work methodology and provide you with the right expertise when you need it.

Getting started with Saba is not complicated. In fact, if you have very well defined learning needs for a specific user group, you can be up and running in four weeks or less.

We realize that all customers have different needs when it comes to getting started with talent management. Our customer Success Packages, offer you the ability to align any portion of Saba functionality with your specific business needs and let you to get started within a fixed time frame.

And leveraging our track record of success and experience gained on over 2,000 implementations, you have peace of mind knowing that your Saba solution is configured according to industry best practices.

Saba Success Packages:

  • 4 weeks: For select customers with well-defined needs and user population.
  • 6 weeks: For customers with comprehensive talent management needs, our most popular Success Package.
  • 8 weeks: For customers whose diverse talent management needs reach across multiple departments and user populations.
Services Overview

In addition to our Success Packages, Saba can also help you with data migration from a legacy solution and complex integrations with HRIS and other software applications. Please contact your Saba sales executive or Saba partner to see what success package would be best for you.