Our Customer Success Philosophy

Customer Success Overview

Adoption & Advocacy


What is Customer Success?

At Saba, we recognize that our customers’ success goes beyond buying and implementing software. While we continually make investments in our technology to provide you with innovative solutions, we understand that putting our customers at the center of all our efforts is the key to achieving mutual success. Our Customer Success team partners with you, investing time and expertise to empower you to realize the full value of your Saba solutions.


Customer Success Management the Saba Way

Traditional customer success management focuses only on relationship management or tactical, escalation-driven firefighting. At Saba we believe in putting our customers first and establishing a partnership, so we have developed a tailored model that puts your success at the very center of our cloud strategy. Our approach is based on three key principles:

  • Adoption: Nurture effective, consistent growth of platform usage
  • Advocacy: Partner long-term to understand and represent your business drivers
  • Showcase: Raise your profile by promoting your leading achievements

How We Engage

Your relationship with your Account Manager starts from day one once you become a Saba Cloud customer. Your Account Manager will have a proven customer service track record and will not be targeted with sales or retention. Instead, we work together with you to focus on the measures that define your own vision of success.

  • Success Plan — Your Account Manager will work closely with you to define and document high-level goals and opportunities and agree on time frames. This information will be captured in a Success Plan document that will be used as a reference point throughout the Saba solution lifecycle.
  • Adoption Fast-Track — Once you have completed the implementation process, your Account Manager will commence the adoption fast-track program, enabling you to harness the power of the Saba Cloud platform.
  • Ongoing Reviews — The Account Manager will continue working with you, delivering guidance, best practices and product insights on an ongoing basis to help you derive maximum benefit from Saba’s solutions.

We assign an account manager* to every Saba Cloud customer, and focus on helping you achieve your goals.

Saba’s Customer Success team is your advocate. We are focused on creating a customer-centric culture: understanding and representing your business and your needs, while creating an environment that nurtures ongoing success.

* Enterprise and mid-market customers are provided with a named Account Manager for the lifetime of the Saba Cloud contract. SMB customers are enrolled onto a 30-day accelerated launch program with ongoing access to a pooled Account Manager resource thereafter. SMB customers may elect to receive a named Account Manager service for a fee.