Power Up Your Game-Based Learning

Use the power of games to create a learning experience that engages your people

Game-based learning design starts with one overall Golden Rule: play games and understand them (and how they make you feel). It's only after you've returned to playing games – or maybe you never stopped – that the real work of game-based learning begins.

At Saba, we are devoted to expanding the game-based approach because we know it's an excellent way to make learning stick. Our customers have seen real success when using it, resulting in a recent Brandon Hall Gold award with a global company for our game-based learning solution.

While gamification has been around L&D for a while, the recent L&D Tech Barometer Research Report showed about a quarter of survey respondents have already embraced gamification while nearly one-third are exploring its potential benefits. Clearly, gamification is just getting started.

Join Carole Bower, Head of Learning at Saba, and Charlotte Hills, Learning Consultant, for a webinar where we'll share secrets that power game-based frameworks, how Saba developed our own design models and we'll examine some of the behavioral science principles in game-based design.

You'll gain insights into:

  • Key elements of game-based learning design
  • Why playing games should be on your to-do list
  • How applying behavioral science principles to game-play elements drives learner engagement and learning outcomes
  • How to use technology to deploy game-based learning

Watch today to discover how games can take your people to the next learning experience level.

About the Speakers

Carole Bower
Head of Learning at Saba

Carole Bower

Carole is responsible for shaping and transforming Saba's digital learning proposition and for the effectiveness of its digital solutions. She has broad experience directing and designing digital learning and communications, and is passionate about finding new and exciting ways to improve those experiences.

Charlotte Hills
Learning Consultant

Charlotte Hills

Charlotte is an award-winning learning designer and published researcher. Specializing in medical content, Charlotte uses adult learning principles from neuroscience and psychology literature to create effective learning and drive adoption.

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