Integrated Employee Onboarding

Prepared and Informed, From Applicant to New Hire Onboarding

Onboarding is a critical but frequently overlooked part of the talent management process. A new hire makes their decision to stay at a new organisation within the first six months on the job. Employees that complete a structured on boarding programme are almost 60 percent more likely to be there three years later. After you’ve invested so much in recruiting the right people to your organisation, Saba helps the new employee transition into the company.

Saba development plans can be ready for your new hire from day one, with the skills, training, and any other activities you would like them to pursue, to help them thrive in your organisation. Connecting with mentors, teammates, and valuable resources also serves to align new hires with the mission, vision, and culture of the organisation and teaches new employees about their role and why their work makes a difference.

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Dynamic, Automatic Development Plans

Saba’s core Collaboration and Learning Management solution and robust prescriptive tools provides you with intelligent, dynamic onboarding support, with documents, learning, checklists, and mentors based on job, goals, skills, and aspirations.

Community and Resources

The Saba solution is collaborative at the core so that you can offer your new hires communities for Q&A, recommendations of people to follow, and a means to build relationships by participating in groups and discussions. Make the resources they need easily accessible in visual collection boards or wiki-like pages, from the standard policies and procedure manuals to job aids, quick reference videos, and anything else that your people need to succeed.

Merged Employee Profile

Don’t lose all that information in your candidate profile once they become an employee! Saba lets you to merge profiles so that candidates can retain their history and it’s available for reference for you and as a way for others to know what experience their new colleagues are bringing to the table.

Paperless Employee Onboarding

Saba’s Marketplace connection with Adobe Document Cloud allows you to manage the paperwork, forms and archiving that are part of employee onboarding.

Saba is a key part of our onboarding process and empowers our employees to direct their own learning and development. All of our employees use the solution — both to get questions answered and to collaborate with other employees in their new-hire group on their initial assignments.

— Nyla Reed, Founding Partner, The Educe Group

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