Candidate Management

Intelligent Candidate Management to Find the Right Fit

It can be daunting to sort through hundreds — or even thousands — of applications, wondering if you will ever find your next hire. Saba simplifies the candidate management process by making sure your pipeline is prioritised to help you pursue the best possible applicants first, both internal and external, active and passive. Take some of the guesswork out of candidate evaluation with n-box visualisation based on the alignment of the applicants’ strengths with your posting’s requirements. Give everyone on the hiring team a chance to meet with candidates, either in person or virtually, and provide thoughts and feedback collaboratively so that you can find the right fit.

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Objective Comparisons

Saba recruiting software parses resumes to highlight skills and career experience and removes subjectivity from the hiring process by comparing potential hires on an n-box grid. Create your own online assessments with the built-in assessment tool to gain additional insight into the suitability of your candidates.

Video Interviewing

Verbal communication is only a small part of the interview story. In Saba, you can quickly setup video interviews to capture communication above and beyond just the words that are spoken. Engage and understand what your candidates are really saying!

Collaborative Evaluation

Private, collaborative workspaces allow hiring teams to track applicants, discuss and review candidates at their desk or on the go. Rate and comment on candidates, ensuring a better collaborative interview experience. Easily set up and manage your interviews and meetings with other members of the hiring team.

Fully Mobile Management

Don’t let your dream candidate slip through your fingers just because you weren’t at your desk – stay on top of the process, creating requisitions, reviewing candidates, approving offers, and any of the other items on your hiring to-do list from your mobile device.

Video interviewing is a must-have feature in any enterprise recruiting strategy. It is perfectly suited to streamline and accelerate the recruiting process given the costs of onsite interviews and the global pool of talent that companies now pursue. Saba's new recruiting solution leverages their proven video conferencing technology and delivers the benefits of a unified solution with a single user profile and customer experience without leaving the job requisition.

— Jim Lundy, Founder and CEO of Aragon Research

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