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A Great Candidate Experience to Attract Great Talent

When good talent is at a premium the last thing that you want is for the applicant process to be complicated. Allow your candidates to leverage their social profiles to prefill their applicants and parse their resume, all easily available from their mobile devices. As they move through the hiring process with you, the applicant tracking portal will guide them through the steps.

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Easy, Complete Profiles

Social profiles (LinkedIn, Google, Facebook, Yahoo) enable access career sites and pre-fill application forms. Personalised applicant portal to track application status and find assigned to-dos, resources, learning, and docs needing signature.

Mobile Career Pages

Saba career pages are mobile friendly so the applicants who come straight to your career sites can apply from anywhere.

Personalised Applicant Portal

The applicant tracking portal keeps applicants informed about hiring status, assigns to-dos, and provides access to helpful information. And if they’re your choice for the role, the same portal will transition them smoothly to your employee site and into the onboarding plan that you’ve put in place for them.

What immediately strikes me about Saba Recruiting is its ease of use, mobile support and seamless integration with the rest of Saba’s learning and talent suite. These are the kinds of advanced capabilities that a regionally dispersed company like ours can use to evaluate, hire and onboard the best talent.

— Kim Nichols, Director of Human Resources, R.A.S. Delivery Services

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