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Saba Learning

Create an engaging, 21st century learning experience

Deliver collaborative and continuous training for employees that's user-centric, personalized and delivered on any device

Improve readiness and effectiveness of sales and service partners so you can increase sales, customer satisfaction, and reduce training costs

Streamline, track, and improve compliance training with robust workflow, tracking and management capabilities

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Saba Performance

Make the shift to real-time performance management

Simplify and evolve the performance review process with real-time feedback to improve engagement and performance

Instantly recognize and reward performance with the wildly simple Saba Net Performance Score

Drive team-oriented performance goals to better align employees with the organization

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Saba Feedback & Engagement

Connect the Dots Between Talent Management and Business Performance

Capture employee feedback in real-time to gain instant insight into hot zones, problem areas, and opportunities

Prescribe and implement an action plan to address problem areas, using Saba’s integrated talent suite to tune talent programs and deploy solutions

Measure the impact your programs have on employee performance and engagement, and connect them to tangible business impact

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Saba Career Planning

Develop and retain your top talent

Help your people maximize their potential with personalized development plans and career path recommendations

Discover the readiness of employees next in line with the scoring and insight of easy-to-use talent dashboards

Keep your talent pipeline filled for your whole organization by crowdsourcing successors and talent pools from your existing workforce

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Saba Recruiting

Find and engage the next generation of rock stars

Find the best candidates for the job with our patent-pending recommendation engine

Efficiently and effectively engage candidates anywhere with social media tools and pre-figured connectors to job boards

Collaborate with your entire hiring team in private workspaces to more easily discuss and review candidates

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Saba Organizational Planning

Put the right talent in the right role

Effectively view and analyze your organization with aggregated data, visual hierarchies, metrics, and scenario planning

Take the guesswork out of planning for the future by simultaneously modeling different scenarios in your working environment

Save time and effort in organizational charting with automated creation, full drill-down views, and support for third-party HR systems

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Saba Compensation

Create a pay for performance culture

Ditch the dreaded merit-pay-increase matrix by using big data and machine learning to identify the biggest risks in your organization

Get personalized compensation recommendations for all your employees so you can retain your top talent and high potentials

Meet business objectives and increase budget accuracy through budget planning tools with “what-if” analysis

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The Saba Cloud Platform provides a complete suite of talent management apps.

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